How to convert AVI to VCD and burn VCD  onto a CD-R

Convert avi to vcd with Cucusoft AVI to VCD converter.

Tools required: Latest Cucusoft AVI to VCD/DVD software

Launch Cucusoft AVI to VCD/DVD, you will see the UI below.
1. Select radio button "AVI to VCD"
2. Click "Open AVI File" button to open your avi file
3. (optional) Set your preference: region "
3" in red line can set the output MPEG properties.
4. Click "Start to Convert" button to start the convert task


  5. After you click "Start to Convert" button, the following dialog will pop up automatically               

 6. After finish, the conversion dialog will be closed automatically.  

burn VCD onto a CD-R/CD-RW with Nero 5.5+

Tools required: Nero 5.5 or later, get the demo here.

Launch Nero. Please click "Close Wizard" button, you will see the UI below

1. Select CD
2. Select "VideoCD" icon
3. Select radio button "PAL" or "NTSC" depending what format your output VCD file, which is producted by Cucusoft convert avi to VCD/DVD, is in.

4. And click "New" button.





  After you click "New" button, you will see the UI below.   

5.  Locate your .mpg and drag it(see picture below). Remember that you can add several .mpgs also, each mpg will be a own track on the VCD and you can add data files also, just drag them to any folder.
6. Check the time. It should be the same as in the movie.
7. Rename the CD to anything you like by clicking F2 on NEW.
8. Select File->Write CD or click "Open the write cd dialog..." button at "8"


After you click "Write CD", you will see the UI below

9.   Select Write speed, lower may work better if you get problem playing the VCD. Select Disc at once and Finalize CD.
10. Select "Disc-At-Once".
11. Mark the check box of "Finalize CD".
12. Click "Write" button




burn VCD onto a CD-R/CD-RW with VCDEasy

Tools required: VCDEasy 1.1.5 or later. VCDEasy is a freeware, get it click here.

 Install and launch VCDEasy, you will see the UI below.

1. Select "VCD 2.0", in order to burn a VCD.
2. Select "NTSC" or "PAL" base on what MPEG format your MPEG file is in.
3. Select your Burning Rom.
4. Mark the "Burn" checkbox.
5. Name you VCD.
6. Click "Add Files" button to locate your MPEG files.
7. After you add a MPEG file, the file will appear at region "7"
8. Click "Go" button to start burning CD.
9. Done.

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