Codec download

4CC Codec Size Download
Kazaa Codec Package(recommend) klcodec220b(for winXP) 2,296K Download
klcodec203(for win98/2000) 3,480k Download
Xvid XVID CODEC 290K Download
Divx/DX50 DivXPro505GAINBundle 3,772K Download
ffdshow ffdshow-20030523.exe 668k Download
*/AC3 Ac3filter 296K Download
Mjpg/mjpg LEADMCMPCodec 1,980 Download
IV30/31/32 Indeo32 172K Download


Tools required:

   IfoEdit 0.95 or later, get it here.

    Vobsub2.23,get it here

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Codec download

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