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We can make a real video DVD disc, not only a MPEG file on your hard disk!

Cucusoft is the leader in helping people convert AVI to VCD / AVI to DVD / AVI to  SVCD - for memories, for entertainment. We are the World's Leading Video Converting Company.

The first commercialized "AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD converter" in the world is made by our company. Our AVI Converter almost becomes the industrial standard among current popular converters. Other AVI Converters have begun to imitate our functions and design of User Interface. We keep improving our functions and performance, with an aim to keep our products at the first position of market. You can visit C|Net(download.com) to check that the download number of our "AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD Convert" far go beyond other competitors.


About Cucusoft AVI to DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG Converter Pro 4.28

Including all the features of the basic version, "Cucusoft AVI to DVD VCD SVCD MPEG converter Pro" enables you to convert AVI files directly to MPEG1 and  MPEG2 whose dimension is at your control.  In addition, you may merge several video clips into one MPEG file or convert multiple videos in one batch with the new Pro features. Now you can get this All-in-One video converter at such a competitive price!


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About Cucusoft AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD/MPEG  converter Lite 4.28

"Cucusoft AVI to VCD/DVD/SVCD/MPEG converter Lite" is a powerful, splendid and simple to use application for AVI to VCD, AVI to DVD and AVI to SVCD video converting. In fact, it doesn't limit its video source to only AVI but almost all video formats (as long as the Windows media player can play) to what you need on TV play.


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About Cucusoft DVD Burner 2.09

Cucusoft MPEG to DVD Burner can burn MPEG files to a DVD so that you can play your movies on DVD player. It is a revolutionary DVD creator for "dummies".

As long as you have a MPEG file, you are just two clicks away from a player-ready DVD! With the built-in powerful and easy-to-use DVD Author and DVD Burner, you only need to:
1. Click the "open" button to choose you MPEG2 file.
2. Click "Start to Burn DVD" button.

All is done! Just make sure that a blank DVD-writable disc is already in your DVD Writer. The software will indicate how long it will take to create a DVD. What you need to do is just rest with a cup of coffee, waiting.

Too simple to believe? Then why not have a free try first? Your surprise and satisfaction is guaranteed!


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